I work with newborn babies from 3 weeks old to children aged 4.

No. There are a range of sleep training techniques to choose from. Each sleep assessment is individualised for each baby or child taking into consideration their temperament as well as taking into consideration the expectations of the parent.

No. The stress hormone ‘cortisol’ is released by the body naturally throughout the day and night on a regular basis. The cortisol levels measured in a baby or child where Spaced Soothing (another version of control crying) is the chosen sleep training technique only rose slightly, the same as it would if you took something that a baby or child wanted to play with away from them.

Absolutely! When working with families I will ensure that we come up with a sleep plan that suits their lifestyle and at times this may mean taking a nap in the pram, car or baby carrier. As long as not all naps are assisted there is likely to be no ongoing sleeping issues as a result.


Each baby or child is different and will therefore respond differently. However most parents see a positive change as early as after the first few days.

18-21 degrees.

If your baby is then settling down into a deep sleep for an appropriate length of time, then yes, as the feeding to sleep is not causing a sleep association.

Any age from 3 weeks old onwards. When working with newborns and up until about 12 weeks old, only gentle sleep methods are used as newborn babies are not neurologically ready to self sooth. It’s more about implementing positive sleep habits conducive for healthy sleep. From around 12-16 weeks we can then start to work on getting your baby to self sooth. This can be done using a range of different sleep training techniques.

Two weeks. In the first week I will check in daily and in the second week I will back off a little however you are able to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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