“We are so amazed by the results we achieved by working with Deanna. We went from having a terrible cat napper, waking every 45 minutes overnight and co-sleeping, to three naps a day, only one night time wake, and sleeping in her cot! Everyone in our house is so much happier as a result.

It was so helpful to have a plan, tailored to our baby’s needs, with help and advice along the way. Deanna was so patient and supportive – we can’t thank her enough!”


“I have an 11 month old baby boy Mason. From 3 weeks old we have co slept every night and he would only nap on me during the day which involved a lot of rocking and patting to sleep. Through the nights he was waking hourly and if I was lucky he would sleep for maybe 3 hours with day naps only everlasting about 30 minutes. Two weeks ago I decided that I couldn’t do this any longer and I needed my bed & sleep back and that’s when I got in contact with Deanna. When I spoke to her on the phone I told her all about Mason. Deanna came up with a routine that best fit our lifestyle and also the best fit Mason. He is now having 2 naps a day and sleeping a full 12 hours over night all in his own room in his cot! He is even self-settling for both night and day time sleeps. Something I didn’t think was ever going to happen. Deanna has been with us every step of the way and has answered any questions or doubts we may have had. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us! This Mumma is finally getting her sanity back!”

Katherine & Scott

“After spending 2 months of nursing and holding my baby for every day nap, I knew something had to change.  Every time I went to put her down she would wake, I was frustrated in my self and frustrated with my baby for waking.  I sought Deanna’s assistance when Maddi was 13 weeks old and haven’t looked back since.  Deanna listened to all of my concerns and took my parenting style into consideration before developing a tailored approach to sleep training Maddi.  Even though I was 1,800km away, it was never an issue to catch up daily via email, Facebook messenger or phone.  After receiving my sleep-training program I had lots of questions and Deanna answered all of them, so I then felt confident in my ability to start.  We communicated daily in the beginning, which was great as I always had more questions and needed reassurance that what I was doing was correct.

The first day was hard, but once we got through it, every day I could see huge improvements with the time it took for Maddi to fall asleep.  Within 4 days of starting, Maddi was settling her self to sleep in her own cot and did not need to be fed to sleep anymore.  The help didn’t just stop there either.  There was heaps of communication back and fourth throughout the whole process when sleep/wake times needed to be adjusted and again once we started solids.

For my husband and I, this has been the best thing that we have done for our little girl and I now feel confident leaving her with other family members for the day / evening as I know she will be able to settle herself to sleep without needing me to assist her.

Thank you Deanna for all you have done for us and I would encourage anyone else who needs support with their babies sleep or routine to contact her as she really has changed our lives.”